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Added Page 10 of Goof Trap 3!

Meanwhile, our two snoops get up to some fun of their own!

Goof Trap 3 Page 7

PJ’s Big Finish!!

Added Page 5 of Goof Trap 3!


Added Page 4 of Goof Trap 3!

The show just keeps getting better….

Added Page 3 of Goof Trap 3!

Garsh, that’s one heck of a hello!

Added Page 2 of Goof Trap 3!

You’ve gotta love a room with a view….

Added Page 1 of Goof Trap 3!

Max is in a big rush and PJ is ready to get down to business…

Added Cover Page of Goof Trap 3!

The Goofs are back with brand new adventure!

Added pg 10 of Goof Trap 2!

Mrs P tells Max they can no longer mess around, but Max doesn’t seem to be too upset about that..

Added pg 9 of Goof Trap 2!

The family’s done watching tv downstairs so Peg tucks in Pistol and walks PJ to his room..

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