Monthly Archives: February 2012

Added Danny Phantom parody pics!

Added 3 versions of a parody pic of Maddie getting fucked by 2 Tuckers Located in Parodies -> TV Cartoons -> Danny Phantom

Added pg 12 of Old Man Jefferson 2!

Sandra rides atop Jefferson’s giant cock..

Added pg 23 of A Blizzard & the Night of Firsts!

My cock was actually twitching in anticipation. Alana came out from under the blanket and presented her nudity to me. She crawled over to me as I tried to get a view of her pussy. Cat got unto her knees and came around to my legs. I pulled myself into a semi – reclined position, […]

Added pg 4 of Farm Lessons 17!

BooBoo joins in on the trip to buy a new car..

Added pg 22 of A Blizzard & the Night of Firsts!

With my hand on her stomach I could feel her shudder and knew that she was coming to a climax. I held her clit in my mouth while her legs stretched out and she lightly pulled my hair. Her stomach muscles clenched and she lifted her ass off the bed. I didn’t let go of […]

Added Marjoe parody sketch!

Added to the Misc sketches section

Added pg 11 of Old Man Jefferson 2!

Sandra blows Old Man Jefferson then sits on his humongous cock..

Added pg 3 of Farm Lessons 17!

Clevus takes Julia, Nelly and Kelly to sell the truck..

Added pg 21 of A Blizzard & the Night of Firsts!

The taste was not like I expected either. It was actually quite pleasant, a bit like nectar, except not as strong-tasting. I inserted my tongue in-and-out of her vagina, over-and-over again. Her vagina was so tight, that her muscles even contracted around my tongue. Her juices were spreading over her entire pussy…

Added pg 10 of Old Man Jefferson 2!

Daddy walks in on Vicky eating out Georgia in her bedroom..

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