Monthly Archives: June 2012

Added pg 3 of The Wrong House 7!

Chrysanthy, Jason and Phillip find ways to pass the time while they wait for George. Meanwhile, Mystery Girl is out somewhere doing the same with Mason and his buddy..

Added pg 9 of Red Angel!

After the heated action in the alley, Cunt Woman goes out hunting for someone to fuck..

Added new Chel parody pic!

Another hot pic of Chel (from “The Road to El Dorado”) by Tapdon Added to the Parodies -> Movies -> Chel section

Added pg 1 of Fucking Possible!

Dr Possible tells his wife Ann about overhearing the boys talking dirty thoughts about her..

Added pg 1 of Action Fuckin Hank

Dexter’s mom has car trouble and is confronted by an evil dude who she handles rather easily..

Added pg 2 of The Wrong House 7!

George is over at Mai’s house seeking her help to locate Nikki’s party with her computer..

Added pg 21 of Farm Lessons 17!

Issue 17 comes to a close with the Winglenuts happily driving off in their new car and those they affected happily satisfied 😉

Added Danny Phantom parody pics!

Added 3 versions of a parody pic of Maddie blowing 2 cocks at the same time Located in Parodies -> TV Cartoons -> Danny Phantom

Added the cover to Fucking Possible by JAB

Added the cover to start a new comic by JAB.. Fucking Possible

Added the cover to Action Fuckin Hank

Added the cover to start a new comic titled “The Adventures of Action Fuckin’ Hank”

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