Monthly Archives: June 2014

Added Page 9 of Goof Trap 3!

Meanwhile, the boys are enjoying an evening out on the town…

Added a Pinup of Apple White!

I’m not sure that’s how dunking for apples works…

Added Page 12 of Old Man Jefferson 4!

And now, the continuing adventures of Captain Star-Rod!

Added a Pinup of Twyla!

Added Page 21 of Farm Lessons 18!

Luke caps off a day of fun and games with a little quality time at home…

Added Page 11 of Old Man Jefferson 4!

Old Man Jefferson gets his fill of pussy while his new friend gets her fill of secrets…

Added a Pinup of Venus McFlytrap!

Added Page 22 of Da’Younguns & Dragon!

Meanwhile back in the tent with the Dungeon Master…

Added a Pinup of Spectra Vondergeist!

Wouldn’t you like to join her for a “haunted” evening?

Added a Pinup of Scarah Screams and Catrine DeMew!

It’s important to take time and get to know your fellow classmates….

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