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Added a Dat Ass Sketch by Harry Walnuts!

Added a Dat Ass Sketch!

Added Page 21 of Dat Ass 2!

Alex faces his inner struggle…

Added Page 20 of Dat Ass 2!

Only his favorite customers get a cream pie!

Added Page 19 of Dat Ass 2!

I don’t think his office is the only thing he’ll show her!

Added a Dat Ass Sketch!

Added Page 18 of Dat Ass 2!

Is there really such a thing as too much ass?

Added Page 17 of Dat Ass 2!

Beautiful melons on display at the fruit stand…

Added Page 16 of Dat Ass 2!

Good thing Alex was there, wouldn’t want anything to happen to that fine ass!

Added a New Year’s Pinup by Azrael!

We hope everyone out there had a great 2016 and look forward to a milf-tastic 201!

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