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Added Page 21 of DnA 2!

Dana basks in the afterglow…

Added Page 20 of DnA 2!

Val embraces the naughty pleasures in life!

Added Page 19 of DnA 2!

Val finds warm (and dripping wet!) comfort in a most unexpected way…

Added Page 18 of DnA 2!

A tender moment of love…

Added Page 17 of DnA 2!

Sometimes you just have to give in to desire….

Added Page 16 of DnA 2!

Val makes a tough choice…

Added Page 15 of DnA 2!

A climatic end to a passionate moment of bonding!

Added Page 14 of DnA 2!

Dana can’t resist being very naughty…

Added Page 13 of DnA 2!

Dana lets loose her desires…

Added Page 12 of DnA 2!

Dana needs to relieve some stress!

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