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Added Page 10 of Vanilla!

Going the extra mile in the line of duty!

Added Page 9 of Vanilla!

Vanilla hits the sweet spot!

Added Page 8 of Vanilla!

That’s one way to get out of a ticket!

Added Page 7 of Vanilla!

Some days you just can’t win….

Added a Vanilla Sketch by Harry Walnuts!

Added Page 6 of Vanilla!

As they say, you gotta give head to get ahead!

Added Page 5 of Vanilla!

She’s a natural-born talent!

Added Page 4 of Vanilla!

Ready to show off her unique talents!

Added Page 3 of Vanilla!

Time to put her special talents to work!

Added Page 2 of Vanilla!

Perhaps she can make her case in a more private interview…

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