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Added Page 24 of Da’Younguns & Dragon

Added Page 13 of Da’Youngun’s & Dragon!

Time for a refreshing beverage!

Added Page 9 of Da’Younguns & Dragon!

Time for a little practice with the old wand….

Added Page 8 of Da’Younguns & Dragon

The girls want to have fun too!

Added Page 7 of Da’Younguns & Dragon

Lucky indeed…

Added page 6 of Da’Younguns & Dragon!

Added Page 5 of Da’Younguns and Dragon!

One small mis-step……

Added Page 4 of Da’Younguns & Dragon!

Meanwhile, the guys work on building a fire for the night…..

Added Page 03 of Da’Younguns & Dragon!

Not everyone wants to scrub up in the lake……

Added Page 02 of Da’Younguns & Dragon!

Dire warnings from the Dungeon Master……

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