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Added Page 8 of JAB-CON!

Getting familiar with one another….

Added Page 7 of JAB-CON!

A few selfies for the road…

Added Page 6 of JAB-CON!

Time to join the mile-high club…..

Added Page 5 of JAB-CON!

Getting to know each other…

Added Page 4 of JAB-CON!

There’s even a pool table!

Added Page 3 of JAB-CON!

Time for some fun in the pool!

Added page 2 of JAB-CON!

The guests are starting to arrive…..

Added Page 1 of JAB-CON!

The announcement goes out….

Added Cover Page of JAB-CON!

It’s time for the annual JAB-CON and all the shenanigans that implies!

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