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JABComix Official Guidelines and Assistance

JabComix: Forum Guidelines & Assistance Please take a few minutes to read and review. Welcome to the JabComix Forum, thanks for visiting.


The do's of the forum:
  • Become a Member - We know not everyone can sign up every month, but by joining the site you will be supporting us, meaning quality artwork will keep being produced and the forum will be around for a long time. Click any of the 'Join' links throughout the site. Several payment options are offered by our third party billing company Verotel.
  • Report Stolen Art - Our staff works hard to bring you the great comix you find here, it really is a team effort. If you find any of our content posted somewhere on the internet please report it by email to tips@jabcomix.com, do not post a link on the forum.
  • Show Respect - Always be respectful of your fellow forum members. They are people too, and no one likes to be flat out insulted and bashed on. We want this forum to be a fun place to hang out, and that means not being a douche.
  • Have a good time - We at JabComix hope you have a lot of fun here and that you will stick around to see all the great things we have to offer.

Don'ts: The don'ts of the forum:

  • Spam - Including, but not limited to: Posting redundant, nonsensical, or off-topic posts, advertising, or posting links with the sole intent of advertising a site.
  • Pester the Artists - Please don't start bothering every artist and their cousin for your own artwork. Folks come here because they choose to, and it is up to them to decide what they draw. If you are nice and make friends with an artist, then maybe they will draw something for you, but no one is under any obligation to draw something just because you want it.
  • Double Posting - While updates to older threads and reminders are fine, posting several messages in a row in the same thread is not. Please use the edit function (green arrow above your post) to add to your last post so that the threads remain easy to read. The exception is for artist/writer threads where the topic starter or participant is making updates that continue the thread.
  • Trolling/Flaming - Including, but not limited to: Attacking other members, moderators, JAB Staff, excessive use of over-punctuation or caps ("yelling"), backseat moderating, posting on behalf of banned members.
  • Plagiarism/Stealing - Every artist knows how much it sucks to have your artwork stolen. Please do not post Jab's or someone else's artwork without their expressed permission.
  • Piracy/Warez/P2P - JabComix is constantly fighting the piracy of our work, please don't pirate other folks' stuff here.
  • Excessive User Accounts - As a general rule multiple accounts are not forbidden, however, please refrain from creating your own personal cult of the alt. Members who abuse this excessively will have all but one account banned from the forum.
  • Privacy Infringement - Publicly posting personal or private information about other members or people without their permission is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, private images, correspondence from private instant message conversations, private forums, private e-mails, or the forum's Private Messenger (PM) system.
  • Editing out Moderators Edits - If a staff moderator edits one of your posts for content, do not change it back.
  • Threatening Comments - Negative and constructive criticism is acceptable, however threatening comments made to the site or its users deemed excessively disruptive may be edited or removed and your warning level increased.
  • Challenging Authority - Displaying public tantrums, rants, and starting challenging threads towards the moderators and staff members will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with any action done to you by JAB personnel, please contact the Administrator using the link below.

Consequences/Member Action

  • Consequences of Illegal Behavior - Any illegal behavior will result in immediate banning and notification to the proper authorities.
  • Reporting Posts - A "Report this Post" link is located below every post. Everyone can use this feature to flag posts for the moderators to view.
  • Three Strike System - Matters of inappropriate posting or rule breaking will be taken up with members privately and directly, and as a last resort we will issue strikes for continuous offenders. In general, on receiving a third strike the member will be banned, but the severity and circumstances of any offense, as well as the time between the offenses, will be taken into account on a case by case basis. In addition to the Strikes the staff can take other measures as they see fit, including probation periods.Infractions may also result in an increase in your Warning Level. If you reach 100% in your Warning Level your account will be banned.

Frequently Asked QuestionsAnswers to common questions:

  • Q. Where can I find JAB's Jetsons and Flintstones art? A: Refer to this page http://www.jabcomix.com/hbnews.shtml
  • Q: When will JAB do more Ay Papi (or insert other favorite comic)? A: He is always working to create new and exciting comix, which includes Ay Papi. For the sake of not being monotonous, other comix may be given precedence.
  • Q: What if JAB or another staff member PM's me about my access codes? A: This should never ever happen. If you think this has happened please email JAB or WebM immediately with a copy of the PM.
  • Q: How do I host images? A: There are many free image hosts on the internet, but not all of them tolerate adult material. Two that our members like to use are ImageBam and ImageVenue, but if you have one of your own, feel free to use it.
  • Q: I'm new, how do I present myself in a welcoming and respectful manner? A: Make a new thread in the Introductions forum and tell us a little about yourself.
  • Q: I want to alter someone else's art, is this allowed? A: Please ask permission from the artist first, it is only courteous to gain their permission.
  • Q: Can I post other people's art? A: If at all feasible, gain permission from the artist first, give proper credit when you can, and don't ever claim it as your own. We do not tolerate art thieves here.
  • Q. What is thread hijacking and is it allowed? A: Thread hijacking is when you post a comment in a thread that has nothing to do with the topic. Or in other words, going overboard with off-topic comments. Occasional off-topic comments are okay but off-topic abuse is rude and disrespectful.
  • Q. Why won't some of the girls have cyber sex with me in chat? A: Please do not assume that any of the girls are obligated to have cyber sex with you. It is fine to ask but, regardless of what some of you may think, the girls are not there to be your piece of virtual ass. Continuous harassment is rude and degrading and we do not want to lose any of our girls because you cannot control yourself around them.
  • Q. Can I post nude photo's of myself? A: YES! Please do! . . . for reference material. Yeah, that's it. Reference material. You must be 18 years of age or older to post anything.

Art Contest Rules Guidelines to the Art Contests:

  • Official Contests -The Art Contest is designed to be a place where the Official JabComix contest is held and organized. Feel free to come here and participate in this fun activity. For any questions regarding any official JAB contest, contact JAB or his administration.
    • Do not steal artwork, anyone caught using stolen artwork in a contest will be disqualified and possibly banned.
    • Black & White or Colored artwork may be submitted.
    • Keep submissions under 1500Kb in size and in JPG format
    • Submit artwork by the posted deadline, late artwork will not be accepted
    • All entries will be posted in the member area in perpetuity. By submitting an entry in this contest you allow Jabcomix.com to use your artwork on our site.
    • Voting will be done by the members in the Members' Area of the site.
    • The prize will be awarded by Webmaster after voting is complete.

    [*]Unofficial Contests - Members may host their own art contests in the Art Contests forum, however these contests are not sanctioned by the site or staff. If you choose to host a contest we ask that you honor your prize offers to the entrants. If you are declared the winner of one of these contests but do not recieve your prize the staff can not do anything about it. Commit your time and energy at your own risk, you are on your own.

    [*]Honor Your Obligations - Although the site and staff can't do anything about someone not getting their prize, we will take disciplinary action against those who do welch on their prize offers, up to and including a permanent ban. The staff strongly recommends using a reputable escrow service to hold the money for the duration of the contest and to effect transfers between yourself and the winners.

    [*]Contest Entry Submission - For the official contest, you can post your image in the contest thread (the one with the rules). If you prefer a more private entry, please send your entries to the Administrator at admin@jabcomix.com. Please include the title <Insert Month> Contest Entry by <Insert your name> when you submit your entry via email. For unofficial contests please read the thread of that contest for guidelines on how to submit your entry, as this process may vary from host to host.

Forum Perks and Rankings How the titles and privileges work

  • Personal Messenger - To curb spam and abuse, we require that every member have made at least 100 posts before being allowed to use the Personal Messenger (PM) System. When you do reach that level please do not abuse it or we will take it away from you. It is there so that our long time members can communicate with each other in private on the forum. Remember, every message sent using the PM System is logged, so if you do abuse it we can find out.
  • Making Polls - To make a new poll you need to have at least 100 posts. This helps cut down on the number of stupid/inane polls and ensures the person making a poll knows the community and the community knows them.
  • Display Name - It is possible to change your display name, the name next to all your posts and topics. Members may not change their display name until they reach 250 posts. Everyone wants to get to know you, but that is hard to do if your name changes from one week to the next.
  • Links and Images - To help prevent spam we enforce that only members who have made at least three posts can add images and hyperlinks to their posts.
  • Topic Bumping - Members with over 5,000 posts may bump one topic per week without having to post, use it wisely and don't abuse it.
  • Forum Ranks - The forum ranks members based on total post count, however, this is not an excuse to become a post whore and spam just to raise your post count. The forum ranks are as follows:
  • Lurker - 0 to 2
  • Junior Jabber - 3 to 99
  • Jabber - 100 to 249
  • Immortal - 250 to 499
  • Demigod - 500 to 999
  • God - 1,000 to 1,499
  • Titan - 1,500 to 2,499
  • Unyielding - 2,500 to 4,999
  • Boundless - 5,000 to 9,999
  • Amaranthine - 10,000 to 24,999
  • Transcendent - 25,000 to 49,999
  • Jab Nirvana - Special Persons

Signature GuidelinesHow to format your signature:

  • You are allowed as many images/banners as you like as long as collectively they don't exceed 600x150
  • Text allowed - even several lines but please be reasonable here
  • Banners in signatures may not exceed more than 200kb

For reference, the signature illustration image (which includes some other popular banner sizes):sig_chart.pngA valuable Netiquette resource:

How to Contribute Successfully:

  • Use common sense while posting - If your post could offend or hurt someone or violate the rules, just don't post it or re-write it.
  • Critiquing post updates and artwork - Comments and critiques are welcome but harmful, bad, and negative comments are not allowed. If you don't have anything nice to say.. please refrain from posting. Continued negativity will result in stronger action against the member.

Further Questions, Comments & Concerns:Tell the JabComix staff: Any additional questions, comments or concerns with regard to any of the above should be directed to the staff. Your concerns are valid, and we're open to suggestion. You can either post in the Questions & Comments forum or contact us via e-mail and PM:

Feel free to return to this page for further review. Moderators and forum staff might also guide you to this page if needed. Remember: common sense in posting and communication (as anywhere) is virtue! In the course of enforcing these rules the JabComix staff and moderators may edit, lock, or move posts without prior warning or notification. The website and forum staff will occasionally update these rules as needed.



The JabComix Staff

July 2015

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