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Forum Updated - New Login Process

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Good evening,

This is a heads-up to everyone that the forum has been updated to the latest version. Some things will need to be updated after this, such as the Who's in Chat, ribbons, etc, as long as suitable replacements can be found for the new version. We've waited on updating as doing so right after a major version change can lead to encountering bugs, no replacements for existing functions, etc, but the product seems to be at a fairly stable point with a few rounds of minor updates so it's a good time to do this.

As a part of this the process for logging in has changed slightly: Logging in is now done with either your email or display name. The new version removes the distinction of having Usernames that are separate from Display Names, which was always somewhat unique to the forum suite we use, and offered the choice of either keeping the Username or the Display Name. As many users here have customized their profiles to use a Display Name we will be going with those instead of the Usernames so that there isn't a sudden changing of everyone's names to something they may not have gone by for a very long time, if ever. Those of you who never customized your display name will not be affected of course, the same login you've been using will continue to work as normal.

Thank you,

----The Administrator

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