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    So now you'll have random people walking around shouting "HEY JAB!" to see who involuntarily turns to look, beware Jab.
  2. Condeo_Parra


    Friend from RenFair will be, Nigel Sade big fan of his work and style worth checking out booth 4715
  3. Condeo_Parra

    Sexyyyyyyyyy pics of oneself!!!

    Testing to see if I can post pics yet, figured I would do it here: Long day at the forge Last anvil I picked up Kinda rare to see me without the bear in the past year or so hahah Guess I'm still not valid enough to post pics lol links work though, sorry you will need to copy/paste my url's wont load either boo one more for fun
  4. Condeo_Parra

    Atari 2600 Porn

    So many broken links >_<
  5. Condeo_Parra

    For Those Who Luv Thick Asian women...

    Wow man, great find, this body shape is unreal
  6. Condeo_Parra

    "That'd be the butt, Bob..."(Another on pg.2)

    Any direct link? imageshack error on the first swf
  7. Condeo_Parra


    I made this account back in 04 wow!, revived it today so I could post some work of a long time friend of mine. I would like for him to join the community and I think with a bit of support he could do a lot of new content, thanks hope to post more soon.
  8. Condeo_Parra

    hotty of the day

    friend of mine would love this nurse, trying to get him to join the forums, also trying to get some post in so I can post his work for you all!