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  1. karmagik

    Added a Peaches & Cream Pinup!

    A gorgeous pinup! That expression is phenomenal!
  2. karmagik

    Added a Mother’s Day Pinup by Karmagik!

    Thanks, guys! Glad you liked the pic! I also did a few other sketches that are up on my site and in my thread in the artist's area of this forum.
  3. karmagik

    Added a Cartoon Pink Pinup!

    Gorgeous! Always love seeing new stuff from Amy!
  4. karmagik

    Added Cover Page of Ay Papi 19!

    Dammit JAB! I told you not to use that pic of me prepping to write comics as a reference!
  5. Heyo! Gonna do some Halloween doodles on stream tonight. Gimme some costume ideas for your favorite Jabville ladies!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. hal


      Nat on a stripper pole.  Costume is ankle beads.


    3. exor


      I was sketching Rita Mae as Red Angel using dildos for tonfas... I wanna see your version, please.

    4. RedHound


      Nat as Catwoman . . .


  6. karmagik

    Added Page 16 of Farm Lessons 20!

    Really amazing posing and positioning in this one. Outstanding!
  7. karmagik

    Forum Update Completed

    @Administrator I dunno if its just me, but none of the banner type images for the individual forums seem to be loading. It just shows broken links and the image name. Like "news-fanart.png"
  8. karmagik

    Top Jab Moms

    It's definitely tough to pick for me. I like the MHAN moms a lot. Shelly from My Mom the Star. Widow Lynne Creepie. Nellie and Shelly from Farm Lessons. Helen from Dat Ass. The mom from NURD. The mom from Grumpy Old Man Jefferson. Both of the MILFs from Santo Playa. It probably just to be a tie between Trish and Nellie for me. But now Helen may be tops, with the brunette from Santo Playa, the mom from OMJ, and Shelly from My Mom the Star and Widow Lynne Creepie rounding out my top 5.
  9. karmagik

    Top Jab Moms

    fannum - I don't really remember seeing the Jab ladies lactating... hal and Moose - If Wie is the best, who else is near the top?
  10. karmagik

    Top Jab Moms

    Who are the hottest moms in all of the Jabiverse? Who tops your list of Jab MILFs?
  11. karmagik

    Added a Pinup by Skadi!

    Very sexy looking lady.
  12. karmagik

    Suggestive themes in comix

    Heterosexuality? I know I have no reservations when including that in my comics. I think that's a pretty common one..........
  13. karmagik

    Added a New Year’s Pinup by Harry Walnuts!

    The best way to drop a ball on New Year's Eve.. on a lovely young lady's chin.
  14. karmagik

    Added a New Year’s Pinup by Karmagik

    Hope you guys all have a fun and happy New Year's Eve/Day!
  15. karmagik

    Added a Christmas Pinup by Karmagik!

    This was pretty much all Redhound and Hal's fault....