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  1. Happy birthday, old man!

  2. Where the frig are you!?

  3. Griff! I just popped your comment cherry! *wink*

  4. G R i F F i N

    Rules and Guidlines is misspelled!

    Head...heh heh...
  5. G R i F F i N

    Photo from Jonah Hex Movie Leaked

    She looks like a Selma Hayek knock off to me. I'd rather bury my snout in Selma Hayek's ax wound. Cant download the pics? Just screen capture them! TIP: For anyone who doesnt know what the "print scr/sys rq" botton on your keyboard does (its often after the "f12" botton), it takes a picture of the whole screen, and then just open a new file in photoshop, paste, crop, and save! Tah Da! Peaces, Grrrriff
  6. G R i F F i N

    bad habits

    waking up with morning wood, and seeing how long i can keep it hard before having to leave for work. jacking off about 3 to 5 times a day. constantly having my hands in my pants to make my cock hard/semi-hard. (not even to jack off, just to have it hard or semi hard most of the day.) parading my boner back and forth past my body mirror. smoking cigarettes and weed. mixing up the letters on gas station signs so that say fucked up things like, "12 inch special ass pack & free lube rides". pissing on parked police cars. putting obscene drawing of elderly people in the big blue mail boxes out side of the post office. [i wish i was kidding about any of these, but im not]
  7. G R i F F i N


    First) I suggest a book: "Vampyre; The complete guide to the world of the undead" I've owned 2 copies of it, but each has been stolen from me by the first person to barrow each one. It pretty much covers everything there is to know about vampire lore from its beginning to the mid 90's. I love that fuckin' book! Second) Unless watching the movie Twilight scores you double head from your girl and her ever so much hotter bestfriend (and/or sister) at the same time, DONT WATCH IT! IT WILL TURN YOU IN TO A GAY!!! (or so I read in Bram Strokers Dracunuts) Peace out, its bed time! GRiFF
  8. G R i F F i N

    Put yourself in the Marvel Universe

    This actually sounds like a fun idea. How's this: Name: ArmaGideon (Aka GUTS) Side: Neutral Power: A timeless cosmic celestial being inhabiting a human body whose stomach cavity contains a micro-black hole within the abdomen that is directly linked to the center of the universe; in which any and all matter can become consumed at a whim. The torso opens up as the intestines flail around like appendages; wrapping around potential victims and pulling them in. Intestines are also able to be manipulated as though they were tenticles and used in various ways. (ie; grappling, strangling, binding, ect.) Assumedly, to contain such a devastating entity would warrant an invulnerability to it; in which case making the host body virtually indestructible. Back Story: The entity was awoken here on Earth (Gaya) in the bones of a man long dead since the days of the cowboys. ArmaGideon wrapped the bones with the sands of the desert and brought life back in to the frame work that once was. When A secret deck of mystical cards was discovered at a pawn shop by a young boy named Marcus Desmond; Marcus began to find that each card presented him with a different ability. Elsewhere a homeless woman by the name of Stacy Motese had awoken one morning to find a rash of tan, bizarre, markings covering her arms, shoulders, and spine; each wielding a different power relative to the deck of cards currently in Marcus Desmond's procession. The last of a demonic race of fairy kin had lie dormant until the markings on Stacy Motese began to surface. The last fairy awoke from her statue like form and with little time to find a host, enchanted an elderly man, stealing his body for her own as a means of transport. She resided in the mans throat; and though very powerful, was restricted by her host's age. Levitation replaced flight, and the ability to control the minds of others was reduced to making them brainless zombies. She needed to take over the body of Stacy Motese, and find the ancient mystical cards in order to take on her final form and for ever rule the universe. ArmaGideon arose from the depths of eternity to make sure that the fairy's destructive intentions never be brought to fruition. Like Marvel could ever think of this kinda shit! LOL! Im either a total idiot or completely brilliant... Fril, GRiFF
  9. G R i F F i N

    so ... what do you all think about the new format

    Im still adjusting to this forum. Yet, I still dont think I like it. Where are my favorites??? Must I tract them all down again and save them to my browser now??? Sigh....
  10. G R i F F i N

    so ... what do you all think about the new format

    Where are my favorties? Why dont I have a "photo"? Im scared.
  11. G R i F F i N

    who is the biggest lurker

    Ive been here almost longer than anyone on this site, and i JUST recently made it to senior member statis....plus Im ALWAYS logged in even when im not here.....does that count???
  12. G R i F F i N

    Ten Thousand Forum members

    um... 990 Days since joining' and hardly any forum posts...(bows)....I suck lol obey the afro, Griffin