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  1. Don't worry y'all. Papa Laz will always try and put something in for everyone to enjoy. There's more in store this issue. Please give it a chance
  2. Laz

    Added Page 25 of The Photoshoot

    Thanks for reading issue 1. Hope you guys liked this one. Really put my blood and sweat into it.
  3. Hope you're enjoying Photoshoot! I messed up on the cover, there's actually 25 pages! XL-sized first issue!

    1. RedHound


      Hmmm . . . well that won't break anyone's heart . . .  heh !

  4. Laz

    Added Page 11 of The Photoshoot!

    This man gets it.
  5. Laz

    15 Years of JABCOMIX

    Ayye! Congrats, everyone. Honored to be part of such a legacy
  6. Laz

    Announcing the New JABComix!

    Looks great. Congrats, JAB and everyone.
  7. Laz

    Added Page 1 of The Photoshoot!

    Really excited for you guys to read this one! ;)
  8. Laz

    Top Jab Moms

    Partial to the Joneses ladies, personally...
  9. Laz

    Added a My Hot Ass Neighbor Pinup by LAZ!

    Don't trip, Papa Laz coming back strong.
  10. Laz

    Added Page 1 of Vanilla!

    LOVING this.
  11. Thanks for reading, guys. Hope ya'll enjoyed it
  12. Laz

    Added Page 1 of Spy Games!

    Beauuuuuuuutiful page .
  13. Laz

    Added Page 21 of DnA 2!

    Just want to say thank you to everyone that dug this chapter. I worked really hard to have a lil' something for everyone. Cheers, ya'll.
  14. Laz

    Added Page 10 of DnA 2!

    DnA takes place in the post-infinite crisis Jabverse
  15. Laz

    Added Page 6 of JAB-CON 2!

    And people wonder why I'm always late on my emails.....