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  1. rscc

    Added Page 3 of Spy Games 2!

    HOT!!! Love when the milf is horny for the guy!!
  2. I guess if you have a different view!! You will be viewed as a whiner!!
  3. I agree with you on one point, Eddie doing Lynda!! Blackmailing, tricking and forcing women into having sex always ruins the sex scenes! Those themes always sucks the life out of a sex scene!! The milf doesn't want to have sex with that person, so she basically lay there like a bump on a log!! The guy just getting off on forcing himself on a milf. The whole mood of the sex scene feel like the milf is a victim!! Not like two Consenting Adult having sex, with both parties enjoying the sex!! I can only speak for myself, i don't enjoy sex scenes with that kind of feel to them!!
  4. I was hoping they wouldn't go in this direction!! What a downer!!!
  5. rscc

    Added Page 2 of Spy Games 2!

    I like it when the milf is horny for the guy!! Hopefully we will see round 2 !!
  6. rscc

    Added Page 1 of Spy Games 2!

    I'm glad to hear her admit that she enjoyed it!!
  7. I'm feeling the same way so far too!!
  8. rscc

    Added Cover Page of Spy Games 2!

    I'm looking forward to round two between the milf and the son!! They had the hottest sex scene of 2018!! As least to me!! I thought the milf getting wet from just seeing his cock and later on licking lips her seeing his cock getting hard was hot!!!
  9. I hope we are done seeing the mailman for a while!!
  10. Another good point!! Do they get there mail??
  11. MMM!! That's a good point!! Lynda and Sandra better be careful!!
  12. rscc

    Added Page 8 of Jenny Jupiter!

    This is a wild page!! But I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say, i'm not wild about this page or this comic so far!!
  13. rscc

    Cumming Soon to JABComix!

    I thought Alex and his mom had the hottest sex scene of 2018!! I hope to see them have sex again in this chapter. I loved the scene where Alex's mom got wet just from seeing his cock. The last page of the first chapter was great, with Alex's mom licking her lips looking at his cock getting hard!! Love the Milf being horny for Alex's cock!!
  14. rscc

    Added Page 18 of Holli Would!

    Group sex, never been a fan!! Group sex has always turned me off!! But to each his own!!
  15. Glad to see that the girls have made up!! A double date with both mothers and their sons! Looking forward to seeing what will happen!!!