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  1. rscc

    Added Page 2 of Jenny Jupiter!

    I hope there isn't any Tentacle stuff!!!
  2. rscc

    Added Page 16 of Watching My Step 2!

    The MOM is hot!! I hope the mom and the stepson do have sex!!
  3. rscc

    Added Page 25 of The Photoshoot

    Enjoyed this comic!! Laz has another winner!!
  4. rscc

    Added Page 23 of The Photoshoot!

    This is why I like Laz so much!! He hasn't forgot what porn is about!! SEX!! LOT OF SEX!!
  5. rscc

    Added Page 21 of Red Angel 6!

    I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say I was never into this series!! To me the series was more about violence, which i'm not into!! I'm into to Porn series that are about two consenting adult enjoying sex, not seeing women being abused or forced to have sex!! I remember the scene where the woman was choked to death while having sex, that really turned me off!! But I have to give credit where credit is due!! I have to say I enjoyed this chapter!!
  6. rscc

    Added Page 21 of The Improbables!

    That was a real downer!! She really spoiled the mood!! So Helen turned out to be a big cock tease!!
  7. rscc

    Added Page 21 of The Photoshoot

    Laz is the best!! He always has the best sex scenes and always has a lot of sex scenes in his comics! Not a whole lot of teaser scenes, just a lot of sex scenes! I like that!!
  8. rscc

    Added Page 10 of Holli Would!

    Never been into the Dildo thing!! Much rather see a real cock fuc**** her!! I actually think the last two scenes with the dildo are weird!!
  9. rscc

    Added Page 20 of The Improbables!

    It has been a while sense we have seen the ladies cum that hard!! I LIKE!! I think the last time we saw a milf cum that hard was Helen in Dat Ass 1. You should feature that more!! The milfs cumming so hard they squirt!! Hopefully the same thing will happen when Dash Fuc*** Her!! If he ever does.
  10. rscc

    Added Page 18 of Red Angel 6!

    Yeah!! Wonder if that ever going to happen?? Her and her brother, she have been dreaming about that for years now!!
  11. rscc

    Added Page 19 of The Improbables!

    I hope they do it!! Hopefully no more teasing!! I'd like to see her lose complete control!!
  12. rscc

    Added Page 15 of Red Angel 6!

    So what about pages 6 and 7 ??? She just fantasizing about having sex with him!! They didn't actually have sex!! I don't get what's so great about her fantasizing about having sex with him?? Then them really having sex!!
  13. rscc

    Added Page 15 of Red Angel 6!

    He only got to look and dream about being with her. Disappointing!!
  14. rscc

    Added Page 18 of The Improbables!

    That would be disappointing if Dash didn't do his mom this issue!! That would mean we would have to wait about year to see that!!
  15. rscc

    Next Ay Papi ??

    I agree with you!! I'd rather see a new AP19 and SP2.