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  1. rscc

    Added Page 21 of Spy Games 2!

    Really enjoyed the second chapter of spy games!!
  2. rscc

    Added Page 14 of Spy Games 2!

    I'm with you!!!
  3. rscc

    Added Page 13 of Spy Games 2!

    What a downer!! I was into the mom lusting for the son!! This is the series that has been delivering the sexual action!! It hasn't been watered down!!
  4. rscc

    Added Page 8 of Watching My Step 3!

    This is chapter 3 of this series!! I have no idea what their going for in this series. Nobody is having sex for real!! All their doing is fantasizing!! When are they going to have sex with somebody for real????
  5. Not looking forward to seeing Lynda with those two!! I'll skip the next several updates of keeping it up with the joneses.
  6. rscc

    Added Page 12 of Spy Games 2!

    Love this series!! No beating around the bush, just lot of sex!! Love it!!
  7. rscc

    Added Page 11 of Spy Games 2!

    Love the horny mom!!!
  8. I will be up front and say!! I'll be honest, i'm not looking forward to seeing Eddie and Josh mothers do those two bully. I really don't have any interest in seeing that at all! In truth, as least to me Keeping it up with the Joneses has been going down hill since the post man came into play!!
  9. I'm sorry!! But you lost me on this one!!
  10. rscc

    Added Page 5 of Watching My Step 3!

    Soft porn!!!
  11. rscc

    Added Page 14 of Ay Papi 19!

  12. rscc


    Well said!!! My big thing is consenting sex by both parties and both parties enjoying the sex!! Too many adult porn sites it's onesided, where the guys get off, but the women aren't suppose to enjoy sex or want sex! A lot of adult porn sites feature the milfs being physically abused, hurting the women, the women being raped (WHICH I HATE) and will never purchase a membership to sites like those! That's the main reason I keep my membership to this site. (They haven't forgotten sex is about pleasure for both parties!!)
  13. rscc


    It just seems lately the comic series have been filled with filler and teaser scenes!! All the comic series have been watered down!! They are more like PG rated or R rated comics now, not XXX comics!
  14. rscc

    Added Page 10 of Spy Games 2!

    Love the horny spy mom!!