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  1. Rocky Raccoon

    Idiot questions

    No habla espaƱol. Won't it be more clever to translate in Chinese ?
  2. Rocky Raccoon

    Added Page 15 of The Hardon Sibs!

    unrealistic even if supposing it smells like (ton of dead) fish.
  3. Rocky Raccoon

    Idiot questions

    I am alive, I can't say so about this forum.
  4. Rocky Raccoon

    Coming Soon to JABComix!

    It looks like JABcomix and WELcomix have someting in common.
  5. Rocky Raccoon

    Idiot questions

    Will AI be better adult cartoon artist than human?
  6. Rocky Raccoon

    Idiot questions

    What is the meaning of having sex ?
  7. Rocky Raccoon

    Idiot questions

    On a porn site, browsing, reach page 100, no boner. Leaving. Is that what is called aging?
  8. Rocky Raccoon

    Good comix site

    If you haven't spot it yet https://www.welcomix.com/home/
  9. Rocky Raccoon

    Added Cover Page of Santo Playa No.1!

    no habla espanol. is this comics will contain spanish text?
  10. Rocky Raccoon

    JAB Chat

    No, it isn't.
  11. Rocky Raccoon

    Added Page 19 of Dat Ass 2!

    Don't worry, Natalie will make love with an ugly pig too.
  12. Rocky Raccoon

    The Dark Side of Moana

    Disney is a rip-off company. I don't know why it is successful. It only produces crappy garbage in order to sell shitty licensed products for dumb kids that don't understand any drip of pee of what they've watched.
  13. Rocky Raccoon

    Idiot questions

    Which one is the real one? https://www.facebook.com/JAB-Comix-Art-1012677615513282/ or https://www.facebook.com/jabcomix/ By the way I won't like any of both because I don't want to let everybody know that I like stuff like this.
  14. Rocky Raccoon

    JAB CON 2!

    404 not found. Please tell the admin to fix it.
  15. Rocky Raccoon

    JAB CON 2!

    There hasn't been even a form to fill. Is it for real or just a scam?