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  1. SimSim

    Added Cover Page of Santo Playa No.2!

    Jab with 2 comix at the same time? that's a first
  2. SimSim

    Announcing the New JABComix!

    I rejoined after a while (around a month) and the links to some of the latest sketches are wrong, and the sketches themselves are nowhere to be found. Ay Papi sketch at page 3 for example. I'm using Firefox
  3. SimSim

    Next Ay Papi ??

    She is in Wrong House but she could appear in MHAN too, she is Wong cousin
  4. SimSim


    From what i've understood, Jab lost most of his sketches in some hard disk failure, and maybe that the reason why we are seeing so many Amy Matthews pictures. I'll love to see them too 'cause even thou Amy is a brilliant artist technically, most of her pin-ups are interchangeable
  5. I'm I the only one to miss Jab sketches instead of the parodies pictures posted on the site? In my opinion, even though I admire the craftsmanship of Amy Matthews, her pretty girlie and lesbian pictures don't add a lot to the site and most of the time I look at them with a sense of deja vu. The sketches, instead, brings with them a vision of the things to come, and maybe that's the reason we don't see them anymore. Maybe the boss don't wants any mess as the one for the pool party in MHAN or the camping trip in Ay Papi, or maybe is just a writing block and/or lack of inspiration; it's almost an year that he has posted the last MHAN comic and the last Ay Papi is from april 2011. I know Fucking possible is coming out pretty good, but I miss the old classics
  6. SimSim

    Un happy with new forum look.

    I was trying to say that if you connect from a different PC you can't see the messages you've already read and it's a little bit hard to recognise the new messages since the last time you've been here. I discovered that the last posted message dates are still visibles with higher res. monitors using explorer; I don't know if it's a problem with firefox or it's simply due to the fact that at home i have an old 1024x728 monitor but I am not able to see them like i did when the site used the old form
  7. SimSim

    Un happy with new forum look.

    Sorry, but on Firefox I can't seem to find it, There is " view new content" on the bar at the right side, but the only buttons on the left are for marking the message in the thread as readed. Anyway, i find the last posted message data a more useful option: just think about the possibility that someone use two different computers to connect, or a smart phone, maybe.
  8. SimSim

    Un happy with new forum look.

    Is it possible to reinsert the data of the last post in the topics, It would be easier to look for new post since the last time i watched the forum