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  1. BrownZombie

    It's so slow??!

    We used to jam... We used to talk, argue, disagree. .. We used to make fun of ourselves, we used to talk about everything no filters. .. We used to post the most random shit ever... We used to be we, not me. . . No. The good old times are gone, and without hatter's precence I'm wondering if it's worth my time and patience. This is not my house anymore, this is not my safe place any longer. I think, I think this is goodbye. I know I won't be missed, but I will surely miss you all.
  2. BrownZombie

    Added Page 20 of Ay Papi 18!

    Frodo didn't toss the ring... Grow up, move on, make your own comic and do it wichever way you want it. Seriously dude.
  3. BrownZombie

    It's so slow??!

    Silly greenguy.... Dicks are for chicks!
  4. BrownZombie

    Storytelling with color

    It worked really good, it's my artistic skills that need improvement.
  5. BrownZombie

    Storytelling with color

    What is the difference in drawinh between spit and cum? How can you tell one from the other in the same panel?
  6. BrownZombie

    ayo D3l7a3ch0 wandering around

    OK. Three... I'm in a giving mood.
  7. BrownZombie

    ayo D3l7a3ch0 wandering around

    Cuality over quantity. . . Guess that's why I got 80 thanks and you only got one... Make that two.
  8. BrownZombie

    ayo D3l7a3ch0 wandering around

    Good to hear from you again.
  9. BrownZombie

    Storytelling with color

    That is awesome man, thank you so much! If it was a dark room you think only the light of the candle will be visible? I'm trying this as soon as I get a chance.
  10. BrownZombie

    Storytelling with color

    Hey moose, how do I paint a candle? The shape, the light, the contrast, the shadow... Everything! Help me OB Moose... You're my only hope!
  11. BrownZombie

    Your Celebrity Sex Crush

    I want to change mine to the Chewbacca mom... Don't judge me.
  12. BrownZombie

    Captain America: Civil War

    Loved it. Loved every second of it.
  13. BrownZombie

    sup peeps

  14. BrownZombie

    Your Celebrity Sex Crush

    Celebrity sex crush? Shakira... Or maybe Martha Stewart, idk... I'm sure she is crazy and the crazier they are the better the sex. Just ask Jaded Blue or Elysium Bliss, they know what I'm talking about.
  15. BrownZombie

    Anybody thinks the Ghostbusters reboot will suck?

    The short version of it? He thinks his idea are better.