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  1. Ubber1

    Post your Birthday here

    Mine is July 2 missed the fourth by that much.
  2. Ubber1

    Amy Matthews

    Awesome can't wait to see more of Wong's Mom.
  3. Ubber1


    I am so stoked, I can't wait to see what Sandra is planning to do with her son to out do the Joneses. Keep up the great work. Thanks
  4. Ubber1

    Kim Pussyble

    Question to the staff is there going to be more on Pussyble mother and the twins? I really like the idea of them getting to have their way with her maybe throw in there sister Kim and have a foursome.
  5. Ubber1


    I know I haven't been here long but WOW I think everyone of these commix are great I would really like to see what happens to the mothers after they been with there sons. I think it would be awesome to continue this to the next level as well as Dat Ass both would be great.
  6. Ubber1


    I have to agree with k123 Dat ass and the americunt Dragon need more pages, excellent art work folks I am very impressed with the story lines of all the commix . Thank you for having this site.
  7. Ubber1

    hot ass neighbor

    I really hope this continues I feel that Wong is getting the shaft here, everyone is getting some but poor Wong. Need to know what happens next.
  8. Ubber1

    Physical copies?

    I think it would be very cool to get hard copies.
  9. Ubber1

    Americunt Dragon

    I am with u guys love the Dragon and the joneses. Hoping Jab keeps them going.