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  1. lotuseater

    Added Page 1 of Spy Games 2!

    Very hot morning after convo....
  2. lotuseater

    Added Page 5 of Keeping It Up with the Joneses 6!

    Not keen on this edition so far.
  3. lotuseater

    Added Page 21 of Watching My Step 2!

    I hope WMS 3 is around the corner soon...
  4. lotuseater

    Added Page 20 of Watching My Step 2!

    This boy has a rich fantasy life !
  5. lotuseater

    Added Page 17 of Watching My Step 2!

    Great to see a car scene - these are rather rare in Jabville which is something I regret. Car journeys are often full of pent up sexual tension, the riding up of a skirt as the woman pedals, forced to have parted thighs...the distraction of a deliberately generously unbuttoned blouse in the passenger seat...the upskirt seen in the rear view mirror...
  6. lotuseater

    Added Page 16 of Watching My Step 2!

    Loving this second edition of WMS! She is so hot.
  7. lotuseater

    Added Page 1 of Ay Papi 19!

    Stupendous artwork and colours. love the casual sexuality of the girls as they go about their daily lives seemingly oblivious to their legs being open and tits hanging out. Need more of that in the comics please as well as the more deliberate, targetted sluttishness.
  8. lotuseater

    Added Page 14 of Watching My Step 2!

    yes this is a cracking story and good pacing, very sexy, lots of tension.
  9. lotuseater

    Added Cover Page of Ay Papi 19!

    Oh yeas.
  10. lotuseater

    Added Page 13 of Watching My Step 2!

    so hot...
  11. lotuseater

    Added Page 11 of Watching My Step 2!

    Brilliant stuff
  12. lotuseater

    Added Page 10 of Watching My Step 2!

    The mind boggles at the possibilities...
  13. lotuseater

    Added Page 9 of Watching My Step 2!

    Sexy cheer coach enter stage left...
  14. lotuseater

    Added Page 7 of Watching My Step 2!

    She looks seriously hot.
  15. lotuseater

    Added Page 3 of Watching My Step 2!

    shaping up superbly this second edition