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  1. lotuseater

    Added Page 14 of Watching My Step 2!

    yes this is a cracking story and good pacing, very sexy, lots of tension.
  2. lotuseater

    Added Cover Page of Ay Papi 19!

    Oh yeas.
  3. lotuseater

    Added Page 13 of Watching My Step 2!

    so hot...
  4. lotuseater

    Added Page 11 of Watching My Step 2!

    Brilliant stuff
  5. lotuseater

    Added Page 10 of Watching My Step 2!

    The mind boggles at the possibilities...
  6. lotuseater

    Added Page 9 of Watching My Step 2!

    Sexy cheer coach enter stage left...
  7. lotuseater

    Added Page 7 of Watching My Step 2!

    She looks seriously hot.
  8. lotuseater

    Added Page 3 of Watching My Step 2!

    shaping up superbly this second edition
  9. lotuseater

    Added Cover Page of Watching My Step 2!

    Great cover and good to see a quick follow up to the first edition.
  10. lotuseater

    Added Page 20 of Snowed In!

    Another stunning page of an instant classic comic. Can't wait for Snowed in 2!
  11. lotuseater

    Added Page 17 of Snowed In!

    A superb page of a superb comic. One of the best debut editions for a long time.
  12. lotuseater

    Added Page 5 of Snowed In!

    This is by far the best of the current peri-publication comics. Very good. Hardon Sibs - not my style of art. Model Life was always an also-ran but this edition has been the weakest.
  13. lotuseater

    Added a Sketch by JAB!

    Wow. Fucking great.
  14. lotuseater

    Added Page 1 of Snowed In!

    love her hardened nipples and dreamy expression after grabbing his crotch...
  15. lotuseater

    Added Page 2 of Farm Lessons 20!

    This is shaping up to be a classic already. Fantastic artwork and real plot interest and sophistication.