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  1. fannum

    Added Page 20 of Watching My Step 3!

    Dreams become real!
  2. fannum

    Added a Parody Pinup!

    Yep! .... Amy draws them that way!
  3. fannum

    Added Page 13 of Farm Lessons 21!

    You go, C'perny!
  4. fannum

    Added a Pinup by My Bad Bunny!

    Down the bunny trail!! .... down, Down, DOWN! Cheers
  5. fannum

    Added Page 19 of Watching My Step 3!

    OMG! Cheers
  6. fannum

    Added Page 12 of Farm Lessons 21!

    Obviously, the women run the show! Cheers
  7. fannum

    Added a Milk Maids Pinup!

    Looks like those are gallon jugs! I approve of the attractive packaging. Cheers
  8. fannum

    Added a Parody Pinup!

    What a lovely lassie ... Thank you Amy! Cheers
  9. fannum

    Added Page 5 of The Reality TV Star!

    ... Poor Frankie! He's fallen under the influence of that pernicious weed! Drugs ... Sex ... all he needs is Rock n' Roll, and his descent into Hades will be inevitable! Cheers
  10. fannum

    Any Santo Playa fans?

    I just checked, and I do have a pulse. Read first six pages, and I REALLY have a pulse! I have it on good authority that p.7-8 are most of the way done. Next comic is MHAN10 from JAB. Cheers
  11. fannum

    Added a Cutie Patootie Pinup!

    I can picture her in a 'Baby Doll' shorty PJ ... and am glad Amy didn't bother with the superfluous cotton! Cheers
  12. Does the rampaging Rabbit mean that JABComix has merged with the Playboy org? Wie seems eager to engage with any stiff dick! Cheers
  13. fannum

    Added Page 11 of Farm Lessons 21!

    Looks like Rita Mae has someone tied up/down in her room ... Luke ... Clevus ... Tommy ... salesman ... horse ... Cheers
  14. fannum

    Added Page 6 of Santo Playa no.2

    The same element in the water that creates horniness in the males and heightens teen female urges, also results in maternal obliviousness ...