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  1. hal

    Added Page 11 of Ay Papi 19!

    I suspect a chance meeting soon....
  2. hal

    Added Page 3 of Spy Games 2!

    Alright... clear the table... hot Mama incoming. And don't forget Suz is looking for talent.
  3. Laz artwork as always is terrific. And yeah... surely those lads will figure out something to make it worst. Maybe open a Wang's Ho-Sale Ho's franchise.
  4. hal

    Howdy Jabbers

    Welcome BatIvy99!
  5. hal

    Added a Sketch by JAB!

    Hmmmm... poor lucky Josh, temptation everywhere.
  6. Where's Wang Ho.... here's a recruit to take care of the senior side of business.
  7. hal

    Added Page 2 of Spy Games 2!

    Hmmm... RRR...RKK... the sound of a rising boner? I guess a table full of tits is not helping cool things off!
  8. hal

    Added Page 21 of Holli Would!

    Heh... fun comic, enjoyed it and looking forward to part 2. Maybe Rhonda can hire the Hardon Sibs (they have experience finding porn aspiring actresses) to help find Holli as it looks like she may be too occupied to make the bus in time!
  9. hal

    Added Page 10 of Ay Papi 19!

    Heh... looks like things are heating up! And Stacy... hopefully Richard will officially "meat" you when you and Kimmie get back. Maybe Richard and Wendy can find something to do in meantime.
  10. hal

    Added Page 1 of Spy Games 2!

    Well... this is Jabville and you're suppose to enjoy it so carry on. And where's Suz, she said something about making porn movies?
  11. hal

    Done some updates!

    Noticed you've updated the look of the site also. Nice, looks clean and crisp.
  12. Well... the poundings occasionally went on but didn't have the fingertip access to porn as is the case now. Terrific artwork Laz!
  13. hal

    Added Page 20 of Holli Would!

    Yes... Hmmmm... almost a case of screwdrivertus interruptus!