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  1. hal

    Added Page 8 of Red Angel 6!

    Hmmmm... nice.... and good grief Andre, send her to see me, I might know something!
  2. hal

    Added Page 8 of The Photoshoot!

    Hmmmm... nice... is that a sock or OMJ size condom hanging from the satellite dish?
  3. hal

    Added Page 1 of Watching My Step 2!

    Pervert alarm? In Jabville? Seems impossible!
  4. hal

    Added Page 2 of Holli Would!

    Hmmm... maybe Mr. Voyeur could help her relax even more!
  5. hal

    Added Page 15 of The Improbables!

    Maybe she attends Super Hero High (up in the clouds).
  6. hal

    Added Page 15 of The Improbables!

    Violet should go continue participating in "companionship" with the helicopter guys.
  7. hal

    15 Years of JABCOMIX

    Indeed, congratulations on the anniversary, keep up the good work!
  8. hal

    Added Page 7 of Red Angel 6!

    Acckkk... a dream!. But I'm pretty sure Dennis wouldn't mind, after all, he just turned 18!
  9. hal

    Added Page 7 of The Photoshoot!

    Hmmm.. has Tasha been shopping at the Jabville Too Small / Extra Skimpy clothing store?
  10. hal

    Added Cover Page of Watching My Step 2!

    Nice cover with up-skirt view there! Looks like things might heat up more (lot of licking?) in this part of Jabville!
  11. hal

    Added Page 1 of Holli Would!

    Oh boy, been looking forward to this! Holli looks like a nice young lady. Looks like she already has an admirer!
  12. hal

    Announcing the New JABComix!

    While we're in a poking and whining mode, one other thing I noticed since upgrades to site. On the Unread Content page, if I click on one of unread items, it takes me to the first page/item of the posting. I thought it used to go to the particular unread item in the listing. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, if so I don't know what it is.
  13. hal

    Announcing the New JABComix!

    Thanks a bunch Siggy for all your hard work and efforts!
  14. hal

    Added Two Character Studies by JAB!

    Gonna be interesting to see how these characters fit in.
  15. hal

    Added an Ay Papi Sketches Blast!

    Nice, very nice! But who the heck is Eliot?