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  1. hal

    Added Page 5 of Ay Papi 19!

    No... Julia is the tiger, Teddy just egging her on... refer to Buck Owens song.
  2. hal

    Added Page 5 of Ay Papi 19!

    Hmmmm... Andy may have a tiger by the tail with Teddy calling the shots!
  3. hal

    Added a Sketch by JAB!

    Very nice, go BBP!
  4. hal

    Added Page 18 of Omega Girl 6!

    Ah... two minions acquired. And yes the view of blondie is very nice!
  5. hal

    Added Page 2 of Jenny Jupiter!

    Hmmmm... I guess to be an intrepid space adventureress, you have to always be cognizant of your surroundings and have huge hooters!
  6. hal

    Added a Sketch by JAB!

    I think she's trying to hint at something, Henry!
  7. hal

    Added Page 1 of Jenny Jupiter!

    I believe she got that gun from The Weapon's Shop of Isher!
  8. hal

    Added Page 17 of Omega Girl 6!

    Hmmmm.... looks like petition girl and fatso are gonna get the benefit of her wrath since they decided to fuck outside One Eye Suzy's door.
  9. hal

    Added Page 4 of Ay Papi 19!

    Hmmmm.... very nice to see sweet, juicy Julia again. And as for Teddy... he has the second best seat in the house (Andy has the best)!
  10. hal

    Added Page 14 of Holli Would!

    Yes... and the sons in attendance roared their approval!
  11. hal

    Added a Sketch by JAB!

    Nice... is that Joe?
  12. hal

    Added Page 16 of Omega Girl 6!

    Hmmmm... is the Porcupine Girl about to acquire some minions?
  13. hal

    Added a Sketch by JAB!

    Looks like Dad(?) is enjoying her enjoyment too.
  14. hal

    Added Page 3 of Ay Papi 19!

    Well.... I wouldn't say it was dreaded, just a happy observation I think!
  15. hal

    Added Page 3 of Ay Papi 19!

    Hmmmm... Princess Moist Sweet Muff not looking too thrilled about bathtime?