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  1. hal

    Hi All

    Natalie, Julia, Sharona, etc, etc.... all of them (heh, female ones)!
  2. hal

    Added Page 15 of Ay Papi 19!

    Heh... fun page! Looks like Wendy is all ready for date... no panties and all lubed up. As for Richard... two more hotties to take care of... although one looks a little hot around the collar.
  3. hal

    Added Page 12 of Spy Games 2!

    Hmmmm... yes, indeed fix that oversight... and sis is probably gonna need some fixing soon too.
  4. Yep... Eddie seems to be getting worried now, heh. Lyndafan... pages are released one at time usually one a week as several other comics also in progress now, so no, you can't get entire comic yet, besides it's a WIP for Laz.
  5. hal

    Added Page 6 of Watching My Step 3!

    Hmmmm... looks like Brandon has the ladies lined up and taking numbers... in his head.
  6. hal

    Added a Sketch by JAB!

    Mmmmmm... love some BBP!
  7. hal

    Added a Dat Ass Sketch!

    Dat's nice!
  8. hal

    Added Page 11 of Spy Games 2!

    Yes...waste not want not.
  9. Hmmmm... wonder if Sandra will tell Lynda about the gross boys before or after (maybe next day) they arrive?
  10. hal

    Added Page 5 of Watching My Step 3!

    Mmmmm... Monique looking good. Get in there Brandon.
  11. hal

    Added Page 14 of Ay Papi 19!

    Hmmmm... yes... hot indeed... and I think we can put Wendy down as a YES vote. Also good to see Richard getting right back in the saddle.
  12. hal

    Added a Cartoon Pink Pinup!

    Heh... very nice!
  13. hal

    Added Page 10 of Spy Games 2!

    Hmmmm.... there's a gal that knows what she wants and is determined to get it.
  14. hal

    Added Page 4 of Watching My Step 3!

    Hmmmm... tell the whole story Jen, how you later opened his door and walked into his room while he was relaxin' and coming to grips with the situation.
  15. Hmmmm.. Lynda needs to hustle on down to the Kitty Kitty Klub if she's that much into exhibition. Maybe even sign on with Ho's Ho-Sale Ho's to serve the geriatric set.