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  1. hal

    Next Ay Papi ??

    When will we get a cover page?
  2. hal

    Added Page 19 of The Photoshoot

    Hmmmm... the torque from those humongous boobs gonna give her a whiplash!
  3. hal

    Added Page 9 of Omega Girl 6!

    Welp... looks like things went south pretty quickly.
  4. hal

    Added Page 17 of Red Angel 6!

    Very nice! Hot page!
  5. hal

    Added Page 9 of Watching My Step 2!

    Yep... like the way she fantasizes... hopefully they'll make it "reality" soon.
  6. hal

    Added Page 8 of Holli Would!

    Yep... and looks like Harry is a glutton for punishment.
  7. hal

    Added Page 8 of Omega Girl 6!

    Indeed, nice to get a bit of background story. Also the nekkid gals are very nice. Like the Omega symbol on left inner thigh.
  8. hal

    Added 2 Sketches by JAB!

    Hmmmm.. the front view is nice but the back view is very nice!
  9. hal

    Added Page 19 of The Improbables!

    Yep... and probably soon in Improbable time Violet is gonna be looking at doing Dad.
  10. hal

    Added Page 8 of Watching My Step 2!

    You're probably right jackfrost, fun page though. Hope she's careful zipping down zippers over a hard cock, don't want any malfunctions or injuries.
  11. hal

    Added Page 16 of Red Angel 6!

    Hmmmm... looks like someone hit the "right place at the right time" jackpot!
  12. hal

    Added Page 17 of The Photoshoot!

    Kudos to Laz... really excellent page!
  13. hal

    Added a Pinup by JAB!

    Hmmmm... is this Angus' cousin and a Jab Bikini Shop girl?
  14. hal

    Added Page 7 of Omega Girl 6!

    Hmmm... That outfit must be rough on the sheets.
  15. hal

    Added Page 7 of Holli Would!

    Hmmm... nice follow through with that little "No No Do Not Touch the Goodies" tap to his head!