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  1. hal

    Added Page 21 of Ay Papi 19!

    Hmmmm... is Claire perhaps getting a clue? And good grief, Andy must be completely dehydrated after dropping that load. This has been a fun, hot, sexy issue. Looking forward to AP20, Richard comes home (maybe unless Kim, Stacy, Wendy keep him prisoner).
  2. hal

    Added Page 17 of Watching My Step 3!

    Heh... Scott and Delia ought to start charging admission to viewing their bedroom activities.
  3. hal

    Added Page 3 of The Reality TV Star!

    Heh... yep... probably with and without the cameras.
  4. fannum

    Thank you!

    Cheers, Bob

  5. hal

    Added Page 5 of Farm Lessons 21!

    Spawnfreak... page 6 and 7 have been posted on July 3rd and 8th respectively.
  6. hal

    Added a Sketch by JAB!

    Heh... that's one way to keep a grip on her. And... a visual treat for the patrons in line behind them.
  7. hal

    Added Page 21 of Spy Games 2!

    Heh... looks like everybody is happy! Great comic team, kudos to all.
  8. hal

    Added Page 7 of Farm Lessons 21!

    Hmmmm... I'm a bit lost... who is funeral for... who are these girls?
  9. hal

    Added Page 2 of The Reality TV Star!

    Heh... fun page. Mom better order a spare, that one is gonna be worn out soon.
  10. hal

    Added a 4th of July Pinup by JAB!

    Heh... love the Betsy Ross flag... and Rita Mae nips standing at attention.
  11. hal

    Added 2 4th of July Pinups by My Bad Bunny!

    Heh... both very nice... thanks MBB.
  12. hal

    Added Page 16 of Watching My Step 3!

    Hmmmm... sounds like Monique would like a shot of at Scott's or Brandon's other head.
  13. hal

    Added Page 6 of Farm Lessons 21!

    Ehhh? Looks like family tree is expanding... both these gals sisters of Clevus, Beauford, etc?