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  1. Welcome back!  You so made my day, hun!

  2. Rose

    Added a Pinup by LAZ!

    Looks great Laz!!
  3. Rose

    JAB Chat

    Ooooo I missed it!!
  4. Rose

    Penny Dreadful

    James Whale?? Like.... the guy that directed Frankenstein?
  5. Rose


    I wish I could go!! I'm so incredibly jealous!! Have fun everyone!
  6. Rose

    Penny Dreadful

    I need to sketch myself some Penny Dreadful, here's where the prodigal son returns. That scene made me sad. (P.S. The stuff on the good doctor's face is not cum for those who haven't watched the show)
  7. Rose

    Penny Dreadful

    Sometimes it's really interesting seeing what the people are capable of even when they're not channeling the devil. The natural darkness in humans and capacity for evil.
  8. Rose

    Penny Dreadful

    Yeah, I know what you mean Kar! I like seeing all these public domain characters hanging out! I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen it, but as a big fan of complex characters and stuff like Hammer Horror! This is great! Timothy Dalton is just mmm mmm good! He's got these eyes that just get to you! Really makes me want to see where they go in series 2! I've only seen the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie, is the comic better?
  9. Rose

    Penny Dreadful

    Has anyone else here watched the show and liked it? I'm itching to discuss it, especially with Bliss's new Creepies comic!!
  10. Just a little while back, I ran into Gail Simone, an amazing woman in the comic book industry! She signed my issues of Batgirl for me, I didn't have the heart to tell her what I do with Batgirl in my personal art though. :P

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Rose


      Sadly, she's a writer not an artist, but I could've seen if she had wrote any naughty superhero stuff! :D I hope she has!!

    3. ElysiumBliss


      I think we all do have our secret stash.

    4. Sinope!


      I'm sure she would love it. Comics are so filled with overwhelming sexuality. Where do you think it comes from? Haha.

  11. Sometimes I can't believe men don't get more creative with what they do with their cum... I mean, think of the possibilities.

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    2. karmagik


      Rose, I guess its finally time to tell you... I've been secretly cumming in your facial moisturizing cream and hand lotion bottles.

    3. Rose


      Hahaha, Kar, I should warn you, my house guests use those same creams. I was wondering why my friend Mary was so addicted to them :P now, I know.

    4. BrownZombie


      if It was to me I will give you a dirty Sanchez (google it)

  12. I fail to see the sexy times in that story, I expected a much more explicit tale, with stiffening parts and a plethora of moist areas.
  13. No, please! Tell us more! Pursue this and regale us with your fantastic adventures in flesh land!
  14. If you're introducing her to Game of Thrones, your subconscious is most definitely wanting you to get with Godzilla. Do it and film it! There hasn't been a new Godzilla movie in a couple years, anyway