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  1. Sorry, I took a Looong Weekend off...

    1. ElysiumBliss


      I've missed you big guy! C'mere and let me savagely handle you inappropriately!

  2. tomdowntown

    hotty of the day

    Here's something for you Jaganar:
  3. tomdowntown

    making money as a online artist.

    I would buy a Rita Mae hula girl for my dash! tom
  4. tomdowntown


    Thanks Blue, knowing my friends are hurting makes me... "emotional". tom
  5. tomdowntown


    Bliss, I'm sorry it's come down to this, and you know I'm kinda the 'positive attitude/cheerleader' type around here, it's what I do: But it pisses me off that after all this time you still don't get it, so hear me now: You Are A GOD! I've worked with your stuff; I've spent days staring at in amazement at the pieces you produce for 'fun'! And when I hear that you're upset about the petty little squeaks of an insignificant, petty, Little BUG! It makes me insane! I then have images of splitting that gnat open and dragging him and his entrails through town, to which I'd like to display him on a pike on the side of the road, then watch him slowly die! That went a little dark, sorry. You know I love ya Bliss, I love all you guys. And I wish I could set you up to live the life of the Rock Star your talent deserves; but I can't. I can only tell you the same as everyone here has, that you and your works are epic, if not biblical quality, of that I have no doubt! Please don't forget that. tom p.s. Sorry if I offended any one.
  6. tomdowntown


    You guys are all kinds of support, and I mean that in the kinkiest way! tom
  7. tomdowntown

    GoDaddy Commercial....

    Mencken,... that assh*le, he still cracks me up. But On Subject... Disturbing no doubt, but think about what it means to you if you imagine a different Ethnic stereotype? Dose it become more of less disturbing? Dose it become more of less unacceptable? And remember this: https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVN_0qvuhhw tom
  8. tomdowntown


    Dump You?!? I my Girlfriend let me in on this "secret"... ...well that would be a Three Diamond Upgrade"!!! Don't you worry about a thing Girl! tom
  9. tomdowntown

    I'm baaaaaaaack!

    Take it from me, cherish every single moment you get with each other. And don't be shy about making it clear how much that person means to you, you don't want to live with the regret of not saying it. Welcome Back Sister Bliss tom
  10. tomdowntown

    Little Lorna has joined Facebook!

    I'm interested to see where she goes with this... tom
  11. tomdowntown

    In need of your prayer

    Feeling for ya Bliss. If you need us to, your friends here will move Heaven and Earth to help, we might even be able to lift the refrigerator up long enough to clean under there... maybe. tom
  12. tomdowntown

    Return of The Sith

    Prove to me that you're Darth-BAW, and not one of those cheep copies we've seen lately! Move something with your Jedi mind tricks! tom
  13. tomdowntown

    hotty of the day

    I believe that is a big bag of Vengeance! and maybe the 'friend from 'I-Carly'. tom
  14. tomdowntown

    hotty of the day

    For some reason the Glitter Twins remind me that I've always wanted to do a Fhloston Paradise Stewardesses shoot. Some day! tom
  15. On the other hand... there's differnt fingers!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. tomdowntown


      the other hand the fingers are put on in the wrong order


    3. Rocky Raccoon

      Rocky Raccoon

      that lacks of argument. F-

    4. tomdowntown


      you want an argument, lets talk about when your mother moved in!