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  1. Vibor

    Posted new sketches.

    McLarge, if you want more people commenting on your drawings, I would suggest moving them to the Artists Corner. A lot of people only come here for that section of the forum. The other areas, like the Drawing Jam section get missed when there isn't an event going on.
  2. Vibor

    A question for Cintiq artists...

    I don't want to be Robin in this story!
  3. Vibor

    A question for Cintiq artists...

    Just when I thought I should get a protector, sounds like I should stop being a bitch and just use the damn thing!
  4. Vibor

    A question for Cintiq artists...

    Did you find it changes the feel of it? For better or worse?
  5. Vibor

    A question for Cintiq artists...

    Thanks for the reply JAB! Dust is a huge problem where I live, so it sounds like a screen protector is a must! I've been a little afraid to even play with it because I wasn't sure how durable the screen was!
  6. Hey guys, I finally bit the bullet and bought a 13" Cintiq Hybrid Companion, and I was wondering... Screen protector, yay or nay? I mean, will it change the feeling of the screen? (which is really nice at the moment with that grainy papery feeling) Do you even need one? I don't think I'd enjoy scratching up that surface? What do you guys do? @Sinope! @JAB
  7. Vibor

    15 Years of JABCOMIX

    So many covers, it's nice to have been involved with so many of them too! Congrats JAB! Here's to another 15 years!
  8. Vibor

    JAB Chat

    Gonna be in chat for a few hours while I work on some upcoming comix!
  9. Vibor

    John K

    http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/current-affairs/disturbing-revelations-accuse-ren-stimpy-creator-of-harassment-child-porn-and-sex-with-teen/news-story/869fff0e8300bb57364167247054bbbd Creator of Ren and Stimpy, John Kricfalusi accused of bad behaviour.
  10. Vibor

    Added Cover Page of The Hardon Sibs!

    Thanks Red! A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make sure you guys get a great title. It's nice to know it gets noticed!
  11. Vibor

    how do you rename your thread

    If you're on a desktop computer, click edit.. then somewhere near the bottom it will have "use full editor" click that button and then the name of the thread will be on the first page of the thread. If you're on mobile...go to a desktop computer. Hopefully this helps!
  12. Hah Thanks! Would you believe I just made her up?
  13. That's exactly it! The trick is to keep refining your character until you wouldn't know the source material unless you were told! I drew up this quick little diagram to explain better what I meant, but you're already all over it! I keep using Sonic as an example, cause when I was little I "designed" a purple hedgehog called Speed, and I thought I was the smartest kid alive... years later, I realised I was a bad Chinese bootleg that gets laughed at on the internet. I just needed to go that little step further to develop my own character!
  14. There would also be nothing stopping you from creating your own NEW characters BASED on your friends designs. Loosely basing characters off of existing designs can help a lot when you're starting off. But I'm talking VERY Loosely based... no one would buy a purple hedgehog that runs really fast is original