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19 hours ago, wongluvswei said:

I can see where you are coming from. I wonder that the writers are simply thinking too much on character and plot development and wind up adding sex like a last minute addition. I have faith though, I have no plans on cancelling my subscription. These comix are too great to walk away from, plus the sex is atleast passionate and loving rather than just degrading and nihilistic.

Well said!!! My big thing is consenting sex by both parties and both parties enjoying the sex!! Too many adult porn sites it's onesided, where the guys get off, but the women aren't suppose to enjoy sex or want sex! A lot of adult porn sites feature the milfs being physically abused, hurting the women, the women being raped (WHICH I HATE) and will never purchase a membership to sites like those! That's the main reason I keep my membership to this site. (They haven't forgotten sex is about pleasure for both parties!!)  

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