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As posted in our News Forum on Feb 10 2004:



After having dealt with the whole CCBill compliancy issue and the switch to Verotel I thought the worst was behind us.

Well bad news folks, we've received a cease and desist from legal representatives of Hanna-Barbera which will require us to remove all Jetsons, Flintstones and Scooby-Doo content from our site.

A real shame considering all the new Jetsons and Flintstones content JAB has done since.. we even had a Jetsons comic in early development

Anyhow, I'm going to be revamping the guest area soon.. all the other parodies content will be exclusive to the members area so as to limit further such risks in the future. The guest area will primarily promote original JAB work instead.

The problem is that our paysite has been marketed to a much larger demographic and a growing audience.. eventually conflicts are expected to occur when you reach such increased widespread attention.

As much of a headache as this new hurdle will be, I hope none of you start to panic needlessly over it, because JAB and I just view this as another bump in the road along with the many others we've had to overcome since the start of our site. Personally, I was expecting this to happen eventually anyway with the growing popularity of jabcomix.

So with that said.. please note again.. right now ONLY the jetsons, flintstones, and scooby-doo content will be removed. Just so you know, I plan to remove all this content by the weekend.

If you're wondering about the "parody" laws, etc and why we don't just try to fight this new threat under those pretenses, well I don't feel like going through all the trouble of going to court, etc. It's just not worth my time and trouble and the risks of losing our case would be much greater than if I were to just remove the content. Plus I'd be drawing even more unwanted attention to our site and who knows what kinda snowball effect that could have.

JAB will continue to do original work and "non-Hanna Barbera" parodies.. so don't think this is the end of what many of you are fans of.

I hope you can all understand and sympathize with the expected new changes to our site. Your thoughts and messages are appreciated, but this is already a large enough headache in itself, so any posts I find in bad taste or inciting needless panic over this matter I will remove judiciously

Thank you,




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