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Ay Papi 5
"Thief in the Night"
21 pgs
It's late at night and Julia secretly spots her parents having sex in the bedroom and gets turned on. After she's gone to bed and asleep Richard walks in to check on her. Seeing her beautiful virgin body lying innocently in front of him he finds it difficult to resist temptation.


Ay Papi 6
"Anal in the Bathroom"
21 pgs
After a hot early morning bj, Julia tempts Richard into joining her in the shower. Richard takes her anally for the first time, pounding away at her tight little ass hole.


Ay Papi 7
"Anal in the Car"
21 pgs
As Richard drives Julia to school, James the delivery guy arrives early at the Harvey house looking to seduce Claire. Noreen the neighbor spots the infidelity about to take place and agrees to keep it secret if Claire lets her eat her out. Meanwhile, stopped on the way to school Richard buttfucks Julia as they bump into Julia's best friend Natalie.


Ay Papi 8
"Kim Sets Up a Meeting"
21 pgs
At the office two window washers get a show they'll never forget by buxom cock tease receptionist Kim Renolds. Back at the Harvey house Claire and Noreen get hot and heavy in the shower and bedroom. Richard is forced to fuck the boss's wife in the office boardroom.


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