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An illustrated story.. the first of its kind at JABcomix!
18 yr old male virgin caught in a blizzard stumbles upon a cabin. There he's met by 3 beautiful young women.. all naked and sharing a bed trying to keep warm with their body heat during the storm. Fresh from the cold, our lucky virgin squeezes into the middle of the group.. his first time coming in contact with a naked woman.. and 3 at that! As the evening progresses, things heat up and this eventually proves to be the first of many new experiences for everyone involved. For our male author it's a retelling of one of the most amazing and memorable experiences you'll ever hear!


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JABcomix has some unique artwork, a lot better than the multitude of hentai stuff on the web.




some of the best art on the web, and hilarious as well. awesome taboo stuff that is nasty in the real world, is nasty in a good way thx to jab's art!




Easily one of the best sites ever. One of the few I'm more than willing to pay for.




The stories are very engaging and intriguing at the same time, they leave you wanting more right away


-Robert B



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