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"Buying the Car"
The carnival has come to town and the whole gang is off for an adventure! Carnies, Games of Chance, Fortune Tellers, this fair has it all and some of the Winnglenut clan might find themselves in over their heads!

Elsewhere at the carnival a certain young man possessed of an animal-like inner strength discovers his true destiny and unleashes the beast within...


"Buying the Car"
It has come time for the Winglenuts to trade in their old truck for a new ride, so the family takes a trip to a local car dealership. While Clevus and Rita Mae check out a new vehicle, Momma and Auntie spend some quality "sister bonding" time shopping for clothes. Meanwhile BooBoo gets served something special by a hot waitress at the diner.

Back at the dealership Clevus notices the pervy sales guy oogling his daughter, so decides to leave them together for alittle while to hopefully "negotiate" a better deal on the new car.


"Farmer's Daughter"
A traveling salesman finds himself stranded in "Farm Lessons" country when his car breaks down. He comes upon the first house he sees and is welcomed inside by Clevus. He's introduced to Rita Mae and is no doubt instantly mesmerized by her youthful beauty.

With his car in repair and the salesman having to stay overnight, will his lust-filled urges be able to resist the temptations of the farmer's daughter? Probably not. This is a JAB comic after all ;)


"Too Close Encounters"
Rita Mae finds Luke out in the fields with the crazy idea of trying to snap a photo of a UFO to sell to papers and make money with. Soon enough though they find themselves beamed into an alien spacecraft where they're the sexual guinea pigs of an alien lab class studying humans and their bodies.

It's a close encounters of the third (input) kind when the alien students decide to experiment in "interspecies relations".


"The Family Reunion"
The Winglenuts have a big family reunion and we're introduced to a cast of new family members. Colonel Beuford (Clevus and Jeb's older brother) who fancies himself a southern gentleman. His sultry wife Shelly, a buxom blonde MILF and man eating attention whore. Their son Elmer.. a handsome young man repressed by his shyness. And their sexy daughter Candy, whose deceptively sweet and innocent appearance masks her superior attitude and wild sexual appetite.


"A Horse is a Horse"
Luke finds his mom and the horse in a wild situation at the barn. Shocked by what he discovers, he tells his sister Jezebel about it. She teases him by suggesting he is the freakish offspring of such a pairing. Haunted by continuous visions of such a possibility, Luke is determined to seek out the truth..


"Skeletons in the Closet"
An angry Rita Mae catches Luke reading her diary chases him into Grandma's room. Meanwhile Clevus takes advantage of Momma who's still sulking over her recent lack of attention from Boo Boo. A sexy big breasted new family member is introduced, and Boo Boo soon finds himself at her lust filled mercy.


"How to Make a Ham Sandwich"
Jezebel agrees to fuck Luke only if he brings her crush Boo Boo. On the way, Luke finds a sad Momma in the kitchen and tries to cheer her up with his big dick. Afterwards, Luke finally finds Boo Boo with Rita Mae and brings them both back to see Jez. After some hot double penetration on Jez, a funny twist leaves needs unfulfilled.


"Cussin is Cussin"
Jezebel strikes a deal with Luke if he can convince her crush Boo Boo to come to her. Luke happily agrees and finds Boo Boo in bed with Momma. Boo Boo agrees to Luke's proposal against Momma's wishes. Later, Luke runs into Jeb and Clevus doubling up on Rita Mae and joins in after Clevus leaves for a refreshment. That decision would prove to be a painful one for Luke when Clevus returns to the action too confused to realize what's changed.


"A Mother's Love"
Momma runs into Boo Boo's room after hearing him masturbating to a porno mag. Seeing how Rita Mae's not around, she eagerly satisfies his sexual needs. It's the first time Momma and Boo Boo have hooked up, but likely not the last.


Farm Lessons 1
"On the Farm"

Farm Lessons 2
"Love Among Siblings"

Farm Lessons 3
"Kissing Cousins"

Farm Lessons 4
"Up All Night"

Farm Lessons 5
"Breakfast Special"

Farm Lessons 6
"All in the Family"

Farm Lessons 7
"Monkey's Uncle"

Farm Lessons 8
"How To Shoot The Family Album"


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JABcomix has some unique artwork, a lot better than the multitude of hentai stuff on the web.




some of the best art on the web, and hilarious as well. awesome taboo stuff that is nasty in the real world, is nasty in a good way thx to jab's art!




Easily one of the best sites ever. One of the few I'm more than willing to pay for.




The stories are very engaging and intriguing at the same time, they leave you wanting more right away


-Robert B



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