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Ay Papi 9
"Jon Jerrycreem"
21 pgs
Julia gets her ass pounded in her Coach's office. Meanwhile Kim Kummings is meeting her former porn director boss Jon Jerrycreem in a coffee shop. Back at the Harvey house Noreen expresses her love to Claire.


Ay Papi 10
"Jon Meets Dick"
21 pgs
Richard who has been looking for Kim, is introduced to Jon Jerrycreem, unaware of Kim's porn star past. In an effort to divert Richard from learning too much from Jon, Kim lures him into the bathroom to keep his mind on "other things".
In the girl's locker room back at school Julia and her best friend Natalie shower together and intimately explore each other's tender young bodies.


Ay Papi 11
"Daddy picked me up from school"
21 full color pgs
Richard picks up Julia and her friend Natalie from school. Richard makes up for scolding Julia by buttfucking her in the laundry room. After dinner as Claire takes Junior upstairs to bed, Richard and Julia continue their sexcapades in the dining room. As the action gets heated, Claire is heard coming back down the stairs..


Ay Papi 12
21 full color pgs
Claire shows her appreciation for Richard in a most loving way. Julia reveals to her best friend Natalie through instant messenger the perverted activity between herself and Richard.

Natalie convinces Julia into putting on a show for her own pleasure over the webcam.


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