Use this area to check your account status, lost username and passwords, or cancel your subscription.

1. Cancellation of your subscription
If you would like to cancel your membership or subscription you previously purchased with Verotel and you wish not to be billed again, please login to


2. Lost your usercode / password
If you have lost your usercode, password, or both, you can easily request them online! Please go to


3. How to update your billing information
Please contact Verotel Enduser support at:


4. If your codes or username/password do not work
If you are having login problems please click here for possible solutions.
If those listed solutions don't work for you, please email us (include your username and/or the email address you entered when you signed up so we can look up your account)


5. My transaction is DECLINED
If you are a new Verotel customer and you receive 'Your credit card is DECLINED' when you want to sign up for the website of your choice, then please check the following:

a. did you fill out all the fields in the order form?
b. did you enter the correct expiration date?
c. did you leave any spaces or dashes in your credit
card number or phone number?
d. did you use your home phone number as the phone number entered?
e. did you enter your complete email address?
f. did you fill out the correct address and cardholder information?
g. are you currently in the country where your credit card
was issued?
h. do you have sufficient funds in your credit card account?

If all your answers are YES on the above questions, please contact Verotel support below for assistance.

Note: Due to security reasons you are only able to do a transaction once per 10 minutes. So please wait at least 10 minutes before submitting your information again.


6. All other questions
Billing/Membership: Questions regarding credit card and bank statements, transactions, fraud, unrecognized charges etc.

Submit support ticket:
If you are residing in the United States: 1-877-647-1300 (toll-free)
If you are residing in the European Union: 00-800-44229999 (toll-free)
If you are residing in the Netherlands: 020-4280788
Other countries: +31 20 4280788 (international charges apply)